Last week I found out that I won a dress from my favorite fair trade clothing company, Mata Traders! I entered a giveaway for their Foreign Exchange Dress a few weeks ago, and I was totally floored to find out that I was one of the two winners!

This dress is really adorable. It has an alpine feel that I love, great fabric quality, a beautiful print…oh, and pockets of course! I can tell this will be a closet staple year-round, especially in the Fall when I can layer it with sweaters and blazers (or maybe even a cute collared shirt underneath). But for now, it’s the perfect Summer dress—bright, breezy, and beautiful.

It’s also red, white, and blue, if you’re into dressing festively for the Fourth of July. No doubt this would be a great dress to wear to a Summer barbecue. Or a trip to Austria. Salzburg sounds quite nice right about now…

Thank you for the beautiful dress, Mata Traders!

4 thoughts on “Edelweiss

    • I remember the first time I’d ever heard the word “edelweiss” was from The Sound of Music. I’m kind of into Bavarian, Austrian, and Swiss stuff right now so this dress fits that fixation perfectly!

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