Fish Moon

I made my boat with reeds
wove it tight and tied its ends
my hands sliced open, muscle red

by dark, the estuary
belly to the rippling fish moon

ten fingers strung with night jasmine

and mirroring the harbor seals who pass
below, I paddle


Thank you all for reading the seventh poem I wrote for my monthly Full Moon Poems series! This month’s full moon is going to be especially pretty, at least for those of us who live somewhere between eastern Asia and the Americas. The full moon tonight/Tuesday morning will also feature a blood-red lunar eclipse, which has been affectionately named a “blood moon.” And if you’ve been following my Full Moon Poems since the beginning, you know that “blood moon” is also one of the names of October’s full moon.

April’s full moon is also often known as the Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, or Egg Moon. Enjoy tonight’s eclipse, my friends!

Full Circle





After getting my hair cut back into a more traditional pixie this weekend, it felt like it was time to wear some more “ladylike” clothing, which was always a challenge when I had my edgier crop haircut. I thought I’d pull out this classic Anthropologie dress from my closet. And I just had to top it off with one of my vintage 1950s hats.

I also wore red lipstick, which is something I haven’t done since my punk days. I’ve never been much of a makeup person, but I love a red lip, and I recently learned how to do a Clara Bow–style cupid’s bow, and tried it out for the first time when putting together this look. I really liked the result. Who knows, maybe this means I’ll wear red lipstick more, like I did years ago. Funny how style comes full circle sometimes.

European Dreamin’

Kornmarkt in Heidelberg, Germany
(Kornmarkt in Heidelberg, Germany from the Swedish National Heritage Board)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a roundup of beautiful public domain images, so I thought I’d post a few old photos of some of the cities we’ll be visiting on our trip to Europe this year. Our itinerary is all set and everything is booked. We’ll be staying mainly around the Benelux area (Amsterdam, Brussels, and Luxembourg, to be exact), then heading south to Heidelberg and Zürich. It’s been years since either of us have been to Europe, so we figured it was about time.

As usual, the Flickr Commons was a treasure trove of gorgeous old images, and I found some great shots of some of the cities on our route.

Voorburgwal & Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam (LOC)
(Library of Congress)

Verkeer Amsterdam
(Nationaal Archeif)

[La Grande Place, Brussels, Belgium] (LOC)

[La Grande Place, the old houses, Brussels, Belgium] (LOC)

[Milksellers, Brussels, Belgium] (LOC)
(All Brussels photos from the Library of Congress)

Calla Curman at Heidelberg Castle, Germany

Vineyard terraces, Heidelberg, Germany

River Neckar with the Old Bridge,  Heidelberg, Germany
(All Heidelberg photos from the Swedish Heritage Board)

Worm Moon

what is strangled
like lavender hanging
in a window

bleeding water
snapped in half

you should have kept your cats inside
to prevent their springtime rituals

I found her huddled in stone
mourning dove

when I carried her to safety
I didn’t know
she was ready to die

as the moon’s ouroboros rose
behind budding plum trees


“Worm Moon” is the sixth poem I wrote for my Full Moon Poems series. I can’t believe I’m already halfway through this year-long poetry project! While I was making this post, I went back and read all of my previous poems from this series: Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon, Cold Moon, Frost Moon, and Hunter’s Moon. I like looking back and seeing if there are any common threads among the poems, or anything new I get out of them after distancing myself from them for a while. Every poem I write has an inherent meaning and intent behind it, but even so, I find unexpected themes coming out of them after each read. And sometimes the people who read them are the ones who give me that unexpected insight.

For those of you who have kept up with the Full Moon Poems so far, thank you so much. I did get my degree in English/Creative Writing after all, so it’s so wonderful to know that people are enjoying the fruits of my academic labor.

Speaking of fruits, the photo above is of my neighbor’s apricot tree, which extends over onto our property. I am patiently waiting for it to generate fruit as it does every year. They’re the best apricots I’ve ever had!

Von Nagel Boys


I don’t have much of an update for you this week. No outfit post or anything. March’s Full Moon Poem will be posted this weekend (check back Sunday). All I wanted to say was that the slightly blurry photo above is one of my favorite things right now. My husband and dog are too cute.



I turned 25 yesterday. This year’s birthday was nice and quiet. I had a few friends over on the weekend; saw Miyazaki’s final feature film, The Wind Rises, with Arthur (it was incredible, by the way); took Odo to my parents’ house to run around and play in the rain; and ate more sushi than I thought was humanly possible. Arthur got me these gorgeous oxblood Bass Weejuns as a gift and I love them! I’m starting to break them in, since I plan on wearing them on our trip to Europe this year. Got to make sure they’re ready for lots and lots of walking!

And of course I am beyond ecstatic about it raining on my birthday. I hope we get more of it this spring. California needs it!

A trip to the nursery


The Bay Area has a small garden store chain called Sloat. I had to stop by the San Rafael location this weekend to get some potting soil to repot some pansies Arthur got me for Valentine’s Day (and to repot my long-suffering Burro’s Tail succulent). I know almost nothing about gardening, but I’ve wanted to start a small garden on my porch for a while. Despite having lived in the North Bay for my whole life, I don’t recall ever having visited the San Rafael Sloat before this weekend. I didn’t realize what a magical little place it is! I originally went just for potting soil, but the place was so cute and inspiring that I just had to come home with something new for our porch. I ended up getting a little oregano plant to see how well I do with herb gardening. I think I’ll get some rosemary next, and possibly mint so I can give some to my parents’ rabbit, Gandalf. If I can handle those things, I’d like to start planting some leafy greens too, like kale and spinach.




These photos are reminding me how much I need a haircut.

Crop top: UO
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: ModCloth
Bag: ModCloth

Hunger Moon

empathy that ripples hillsides

to resist an aggressive sun

empathy’s silver veil
tugging on the soil’s heart

shining grey heads break the surface
gaze upon a world of longing

things get quiet

and the rain comes

when our sea is slate
when our sky is shrouded

when our sea and sky weave their fingers


“Hunger Moon” is the fifth poem I wrote for my monthly Full Moon Poems series. This month’s full moon is most commonly called the Snow Moon, but since we don’t get snow here, I’m using one of its other names: the Hunger Moon. I thought it was appropriate, since we’re experiencing a huge drought out here in California. We did get four days straight of rain about a week ago, but we could use lots more.

Thank you for tuning in this Valentine’s Day for my monthly poem! Check back next month for another installment of this series.

Corgi Style



I’ll admit, this shirt was a bit of an impulse buy for me, but when I saw it pop up on the Corgnelius/Stumphrey Instagram, I knew I had to get one for myself. I mean, come on, it has corgis all over it! And they’re wearing little bandanas and ties! How could I not?

It’s not often I wear clothes in the lighter end of the spectrum either, especially not in the whites/creams/ivories. But this one was just too cute. It’s from Urban Outfitters, by the way, in case you need some corgness in your wardrobe too. They’re sold out online, but there were plenty in my local UO location.



We finally got some significant rain on Sunday. I hope this helps fend off the drought a little bit. I hear we’ll be getting some more this upcoming weekend too. I can only hope.

Odo took this rainy day as a chance to roll around in the wet grass and make silly noises. After his big day playing in the rain, he fell fast asleep.