Winter is Coming


As Bay Area weather slowly begins to feel more wintery, I’m starting to think about what to wear to the holiday parties I will be attending this year. Luckily, I just so happened to add this perfect holiday party dress to my vintage collection this weekend! A friend of mine was downsizing her closet, and she thought I’d give this little white and gold dress a good home. I just couldn’t pass up her offer. It’s a Joseph Magnin minidress from the 60s, embellished with gold beads and sequins. I totally love it and I can’t wait to wear it out. Many thanks, Lily!



Give ‘Em the Boot


Having been with Arthur for eight years, I’ve come to expect that it’s impossible for him to wait to give gifts on the day they’re supposed to be given, like Christmas or birthdays. Once he has the gift in his hands, all he wants to do is give it! This year, he gave me one of my Christmas presents very early: a pair of classic black Dr. Martens boots!

Believe it or not, these are the first Docs I’ve ever owned. You’d think I’d already have multiple pairs, being the grumpy old punk that I am, but these are my first and I love them to bits! For today’s outfit, I decided to go with a look inspired by my punk past. Many of my old punk shirts are long gone by now, so I grabbed this cut-up Rome shirt, moto jacket, and some black jeans, and this edgy, all-black look was ready to go!

Right now, I can really only wear my Docs with jeans and thick socks since they’re not totally broken in yet. But after the material has softened, I can wear them with whatever I want, including dresses and skirts!

What are your favorite ways to wear these classic combat boots? Punk-inspired? Edgy and feminine? Urban and modern?

To close out this punk-inspired post, here’s a track from one of my favorite punk bands, Dark Times, from Oslo, Norway. I usually associate Norway with black metal, but it turns out the have some heavy punk bands out there too!


photo 1-002

Arthur and I had a nice day at Cavallo Point in Fort Baker this weekend. I got him a gift card to their spa for his birthday a few months ago, and he finally got to use it on a nice hot stone massage. Afterward, we had lunch at their lovely little restaurant, Murray Circle. We love going there every so often. Their Victorian buildings are great for photos too. This sunlit glassed-in porch let in just the right kind of light.

I adore this skirt from Mata Traders. The elk print is wonderful, the fabric is so lovely (and great for all seasons), and it goes with just about everything. I like pairing it with crop tops right now, since our droughty weather hasn’t totally cooled down yet. This will look great with my fall sweaters and fair trade scarves once it gets cold enough to justify wearing them! The mornings and evenings have been chilly at least. I’ll often throw on a scarf in the morning because it’s usually cold, but it will be pretty much useless by 9 or 10 AM.

Happy Halloween!


Today is Halloween, but since a lot of people don’t come into work on Friday (especially with the insanity of the Giants parade happening today), my office had its Halloween party yesterday. I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter, cultural icon and representative of all those women in the 1940s who found a form of economic freedom and empowerment in a culture with otherwise regressive ideas of gender.

My outfit is inspired by “We Can Do It!”, Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter,” and photos of real-life female factory workers during that period. Now, technically, the “We Can Do It!” poster most often associated with Rosies wasn’t supposed to depict a female factory worker at all. But the meaning has changed over time. Rosie (and related) imagery is complicated after all.

And crazily enough, I won my office’s costume contest with this!




Happy Halloween, all!

Autumn, Album Reviews, Rome

Northern spy apples

I was sick all weekend, so no outfits or adventures to report. Just ate a lot of spicy food and took a ton of naps, all between massive Netflix marathons.

The weather is finally cooling down a little bit and starting to feel slightly more like fall. So here’s a little fall photographic inspiration from the depths of public domain. Northern Spy apples (delicious heirloom variety) photographed around 1910, and a gorgeous color photo from 1939.

In other news: Some months ago, I got to write a review for Rome’s new album, A Passage to Rhodesia, for Acoustic Guitar magazine. It recently went to print in the magazine and online. You can read it here! This album is, far and away, my favorite of the year. I highly recommend it. Here’s a little preview in case you’re not familiar with this lovely record:

Burning the autumn leaves in Norwich, Connecticut  (LOC)

Dry Creek


This weekend Arthur and I went on a little drive to Healdsburg for some wine tasting at Dry Creek. It was warm, as the wine country often is in October (especially during this drought), and I thought this red cotton dress from Mata Traders would be perfect for an 80-degree afternoon of wine tasting. October is Fair Trade Month after all, so I’ve been wearing a lot of fair trade clothing and accessories to show my support.

And while the weather was nice, it’s definitely unsettling how warm it is right now. Let’s hope it rains soon, and that it rains for a long while.






Ferry Comics

Men of the Larkspur Ferry

As some of you may know, I like drawing silly comics like sometimes. I never studied drawing and I have zero technical know-how (that much is clear), but I just like drawing stuff for fun. Always have!

This week I thought I’d draw some of the faces I see on my daily commute to work. There are some people who just stand out to me for whatever reason. Whether they look like somebody famous, have a really distinctive look, or are doing something just slightly out of the ordinary, it’s just really fun to observe my fellow commuters.

There may be a Part 2 to this comic sometime in the future. We’ll see!

PS, The text got cut off a bit on my scanner, so the Viking guy has seen “many a battle.” Not “man, a battle.”

400th Post: Oaks


Welcome to my 400th post, everyone!

It’s crazy to think I’ve been maintaining this blog for over five years. Thanks to all my readers and supporters!

Today I thought I’d highlight some of my home state’s natural scenery and show some of these outfit photos taken in California’s dry, oak-dappled hills. I wore my tiny nautical skirt, which I haven’t worn in a long time due to its insane shortness and tendency to wrinkle easily. But it felt like the perfect thing to wear in this September heat, along with some black boots of course. Despite our drought, I still force autumn staples like these boots into my wardrobe. Soon it will be cold enough to justify my wearing them, I hope!

I feel like this outfit calls back to my old punk days a little bit. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.








Thank you all for supporting Un Petit Fauve over the last five years. You all are the best.


Many thanks to Arthur for taking all these photos.

Black is the Color

photo (27)-002

It’s still a little bit summery out here. I’m not much of a warm weather person, and since this past year has been nothing but warm weather (stupid drought), I’ve been wearing a lot of all-black outfits in anticipation of Fall and Winter (I hear we may get some rain after all, yay!).

This is a great all-black warm weather outfit: a cotton blend crop top and skirt with black oxfords. Nothing else needed! This may be the plainest outfit I’ve ever blogged about, but sometimes it’s good to celebrate the simple things and find pleasure in total minimalism.

Plus, I am wearing my Mitla Moda fair trade chaquira bracelet…that counts as color!

Harvest Moon

no blood, no wasteland
we pull gently on the earth like a bear’s paw

where our fingers peel open acorn shells
and we smile at bursting sycamores, red
open palms to the lavender sky

somewhere, the rain-loved mountains and rivers embrace
beyond fields parched and cracking, somewhere
there’s a harvest’s heart

Mirror View, Yosemite, North Dome.

Thank you all for reading the 12th and final poem I wrote for my monthly Full Moon Poems series! Looks like we’ve come to the end of this little poetry project of mine. It’s not often I publish my poems for free, so I figured I’d put together this series for anybody who was interested. And as it turns out, a lot of you were! Thank you all so much for reading these little nature poems over this past year.

Of course, if you liked this stuff and want to read more, you should check out my most recent book, Alexandria. You can buy it directly from me right here (or click on the Poetry Shop tab at the top of the page…both will take you to the same place).

And for those of you who haven’t read the complete series, here are links to all the 11 other poems I wrote (I began last year in October).

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February: Hunger Moon
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My most heartfelt thanks to all of you. I have some more ideas for upcoming poetry projects, so stay tuned…